S.A. Quinox

Hello dear people!

My full name is actually Shannon Allemeersch, but I’ve grown to personally despise my surname and have decided to change that to Arthium. This way, I can still keep my S.A. initials I’ve grown so attached to. I’m currently 21 years old, and reign from Belgium.

I’m a poet that writes about various subjects. Mainly love, emotions, loss, destruction, mental illness, etc. Sometimes the content of my work can be considered graphic, triggering or dark. If by any means you dislike such content, then please be warned.

I draw inspiration from many other poets. I really love their work and one day I hope to be elite like them.

Some examples are: Nicole Lyons, Stephanie Bennet-Henry, Atticus, A.Shea, Ghost Crush Poetry, S.L Heaton, J Warren Welch, JM Storm, Raven Black Poetry, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, and countless others.


The fools that are
rejecting you,
are indirectly
pushing you into
the arms of the wise.


And I will no longer
bite my tongue
till the words unspoken
blend with the taste of blood.
Like a lioness I shall grant
you the fortune of the front row seat
to the most brutal of my roars.


The illusion of you
is what keeps me company at night,
your arms that forever hold me tight,
everything is fine,
everything is alright.


And then I understood
that the demons I tried to outrun,
have a heartbeat and
carry my name.


And the only thing that makes me happy,
is the smile that magically enhances your face
when you think of her.
And then there is me,
dreaming of the world where that girl is me
and I would smile back at you
and we would both melt at each other’s fingertips.

Chapbooks For Sale

I currently have two poetry bundles available for purchase via Paypal. A simple and plain kindle (.PDF) version is available as well. I designed the covers and layout entirely by myself so the copyright stays with me. I print my work non profit in a simple print centrum.

Bundles include the following:
-Entirely self designed bundle with 50 poems
-One business card
-One flyer
-Signed by S.A. Quinox

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you’ve sincerely enjoyed your stay!

Much Love,

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