9 Trips to Mark off Your Bucket List Sooner Than Later

For those who’ve caught the travel bug, nothing is more exhilarating than continuing to check off countries, cities, and landmarks from the most amazing places to travel in the world. Each of the following international travel spots made it to this list for its incredible monuments, amicable people, amazing cuisine, or fascinating cultural heritage.


One of the oldest monarchies in the western hemisphere, England presents a fascinating lesson on history. The appealing accent, royal family, and rustic charm are a few cultural incentives to pay a visit. Be sure to visit the capital, London, replete with famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

South America

South America is unique for its fusion of indigenous and European cultural ideals as a result of colonization. You don’t need to visit every country, but pick one to explore in depth. From the legacy of the Inca people in Peru, the exotic tango in Argentina, and the incredible scenery and wildlife preserves in Patagonia, the potential for a unique travel experience in South America is almost limitless.


There’s potentially no world monument more internationally recognized than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Enjoy some of the finest wines, breads, and cheeses as you immerse yourself in this cultural and culinary heart of Europe.


Presenting a medley of ancient dynastic traditions now mixed with a contemporary lifestyle, Japan is home to a modern, fast-moving society with a zen backbone. Be immersed in the neon lights of the capital Tokyo, or venture out of the city to visit beautiful rural zen gardens, Buddhist pagodas, and temples.


Similar to Japan, China is home to a modern society that holds ancient values and traditions in high esteem. Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong present a glimpse at contemporary city life. Outside of the city, nature preserves allow tourists to view pandas in their natural habitat. Another popular attraction for tourism is the Great Wall, which is over two centuries old and visible from outer space.


Visit the exciting and modern cities of Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. Travel outside of these cities to the continent’s interior in order to spot wild kangaroos, tour the Outback’s nature parks, or participate in an aboriginal festival. Don’t forget to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef!


Filled with breathtaking natural scenery, Alaska offers plenty of picturesque landscapes of untouched wilderness to impress outdoor enthusiasts. Visit during the spring or summer months when temperatures are milder. This way, you can embrace all of the natural scenery without getting a chill.

South Africa

This former English colony at the bottom of the African continent presents a unique fusion of native and British cultures. Stay in the coastal capital of Cape Town, then venture off on an authentic safari to observe lions, hippos, and giraffes in their natural environment.


Situated in northern Africa, Morocco offers visitors a unique perspective on African culture. One of the most highly esteemed destinations on Anthony Bourdain’s top places to travel, Morocco still demonstrates its Middle Eastern heritage with outdoor markets, traditional tea rooms, and fragrant, spiced cuisine.


Located on the Persian Gulf of the United Arab Emirates, this exotic destination features shopping, exotic beaches, and amazing feats of modern architecture. It’s the perfect mix of Arabian traditions fused with a modern lifestyle.

If you’ve already visited some of these places, you’ve got a great head start. For neophyte travelers, there’s still plenty of time to plan your first trip. So, get out there and explore the world!


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