SunDazeDead Clothing Co was founded in 2017 on the importance of culture in creativity. We understand that fashion exists not only as a choice, it’s become a lifestyle. With this in mind, our company is always open to suggestions and ideas, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have a particular design or product you’d like us to look into!

We are finally starting to gain some big recognition, and I truly appreciate everyone that has supported me on this incredible journey. Big things are coming, so stay tuned!

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Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co
Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co10 months ago
Superior comfort and unique designs make these tanks a summer favorite!
Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co
Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co1 year ago
Newest sublimation tank, $29.95.
Hop on the pineapple express.
Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co
Sun.Daze.Dead Clothing Co1 year ago
ZERO Hour. Grab One Today.


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Our Charity

The Mission

Our mission is pretty straightforward. We aim to inspire creativity and help underprivileged youth overcome strife. We believe that developing a creative mind is a crucial ingredient of a happy and healthy lifestyle, and we are very proud to be involved in the efforts of The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. 


The goals for this company are big & bold, yet attainable with the help and support of our followers. I eventually want to create my own non-profit charity to support underpriveled youth. This will surely take time, but I can assure you that with perseverance and determination, we will make it happen. Once again, one love to those of you who support and promote our company!

Rep for us

Submit an application for your chance to represent our company and receive free apparel. Joining is simple; first, read over our general modeling conditions below.

Model Overview PDF

You’re one step closer.

Next, you will need to fill out and submit an inquiry. Hold tight while we review your submission. ALL APPLICANTS NEED to provide a valid email so that we can correspond with our acceptance and a contract which requires an electronic signature on your behalf.

Electronic Signatures.

The final step to complete your inquiry involves signing our modeling contract. There are many apps available that allow this feature, but we recommend Adobe fill & sign. Simply load the downloaded modeling contract into the app and click on the text box where you are required to sign.